The natural flow of time

Created to house the Spring Drive Caliber 9R in 2004, this design is based on the same appreciation of the natural flow of time as the movement itself. The simple lines flow seamlessly from the bezel to the case to harmonize with the glide motion seconds hand, which moves smoothly and without sound.

The art of Zaratsu polishing

The Zaratsu polishing is an art that takes many years to master. It delivers the perfect, distortion-free mirror finishes and the sharply defined edges that are central to the Grand Seiko Style. In combination with the hairline finished parts of the case, the result is a watch whose many interlocking surfaces act as a perfect stage for the interplay of light and shadow.

A seconds hand that moves in glide motion

Because all the motion within a Spring Drive movement is in one direction, the seconds hand moves in glide motion. Just like time itself, the seconds hand moves continuously and silently with no tick or shudder and the beautiful, natural flow of time is expressed in every moment that it marks.

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