The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.6Elegant beauty of form
that has similarities
the lacquer work of
Jihei Murase

An elegant functional beauty
that embraces and graces
everyday life

“Hatchet Shaved Silver Lacquer Water Jar” has received high praise from within and outside Japan. The works shown here can be purchased at the following workshop-cum-gallery operated by Jihei Murase III. (Reservations required.)
●Gallery Jian 
Address: 5-27-3 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3421-6887

Artistic lacquer works replete
with honed sensibilities
and skills

The lacquer work of Jihei Murase III begins with his encounter with the raw timber. In other words, if he is unable to find a good piece of wood, he will not be able to create a product. There are times when he waits years before setting to work on the wood base, and so it seems that he often ends up disregarding profitability. However, there are also times when Murase encounters a piece of wood so great that he feels that he will regret it forever if he lets it go. That is why there is no end to his creative activities.

The reason why he can pursue his own creative expression to such an extent is that he does the entire process himself, from making the wood base to applying the lacquer. Since it is his mind that is inspired and his body that creates it, this is a process that he cannot entrust to anyone else. On top of this, since he assumes that all of his works will actually be used as utensils, he is also conscious of functionality and size that will fit today’s lifestyles. Such conditions are behind the well-honed beauty found in his works.

Elegance Collection SBGK007 carries Cal.9S63, the first manual-winding mechanical movement developed in eight years for Grand Seiko.

An elegant formal model
that also considers

A watch also marks time in the life of its owner. Shouldn’t there then be a special watch that can grace various situations in life? This SBGK007 is a model perfect for a party, ceremony or other auspicious occasions. It carries a newly developed, thin, manual winding mechanical movement, which allows the thickness of the case as a whole to be kept at a thin 11.6 millimeters, although the dial and crystal are elegantly curved to give the case a gentle form.

This low profile allows it to rest beautifully on the wrist and also fit smoothly under the shirt cuff. And yet its designers were firmly conscious of functional and practical aspects, with specifications such as large hands and indexes beautifully cut to reflect light, and a power reserve of about three days. An exceptional watch that marks the precious times in life will also enrich its owner’s life.