A striking yet refined Grand Seiko timepiece for women

This Grand Seiko women’s watch offers diamonds and mother-of-pearl in a combination that is both subtle and striking. The case is slim and delicately curved so as to fit the wrist with complete comfort. The movement within is as refined as the case that houses it and offers a perfect balance of slimness, high precision and long power reserve. All the attributes of Grand Seiko are evident at a glance, most notably the Zaratsu polished case sides and the sparkle of quality that shines brightly as the watch catches the light.

Diamonds, mother-of-pearl and a unique dial pattern

Twelve diamonds act as indexes on the mother-of-pearl dial and more diamonds also grace the bezel and crown. The diamond motif is carried through onto the dial surface itself which is sculpted with the pattern of a diamond seen from above and gives the watch a natural, organic feel.

Caliber 9S27. The perfect balance of precision, slimness and power

Grand Seiko’s Caliber 9S27 strikes that difficult and delicate balance between high performance and slimness that only a true manufacture of mechanical watches can achieve. It has a precision rate of +8 to -3 seconds per day and a power reserve of 50 hours.
These high levels of performance are delivered by an 8-beat movement that is just 20.0mm in diameter and 4.5mm in height. To achieve this perfect balance between precision, power reserve and slimness, all the major components of the movement were designed in-house and from scratch. The hairspring at the heart of the movement is made from a proprietary Spron alloy and the pallet fork and escape wheel are made using advanced MEMS technology to reduce their size and optimize their performance.

Caliber 9S27