Within the guarantee period, we guarantee free repair/adjustment service against any defects according to the following guarantee regulations, provided that the watch was properly used as directed in this instruction booklet.

Guarantee coverage

The watch body (movement, case).

Exceptions from guarantee

In following cases, repair/adjustment services will be provided at cost even within the guarantee period or under guarantee coverage.

Exchange of leather band.

Scratches or grime to the case, glass, or band, caused by use.

Troubles or damage caused by accidents or improper usage.

Troubles and damage caused by acts of God, natural disasters including fire, floods or earthquakes.

Text in certificate has been altered.

No certificate is presented.

Procedure to claim free repair services

For any defects under guarantee, submit the watch together with the attached certificate of guarantee to the retailer from whom the watch was purchased.

In the case where you cannot accept the guarantee from the retailer from whom the watch was purchased due to gift-giving or relocation, etc., ask Grand Seiko international service network mentioned on CERTIFICATE OF GUARANTEE or our website by attaching the certificate without fail.


For the watch case, dial plate, hands, glass, band etc., some alternative parts may be used for repair if necessary.

Free repair services are guaranteed only under the period and conditions specified in the certificate of guarantee.
It does not affect specific legal rights of a consumer.