caution_b CAUTION

Waterproof attention_1_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.

Water may get inside of the watch.

If the inner surface of the glass is clouded with condensation or water droplets appear inside of the watch for a long time, the water resistant performance of the watch is deteriorated.
Immediately consult the retailer from whom the watch was purchased or Grand Seiko international service network mentioned on CERTIFICATE OF GUARANTEE or our website.

Waterproof attention_2_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not leave moisture, sweat and dirt on the watch for a long time.

Be aware of a risk that a water resistant watch may lessen its water resistant performance because of deterioration of the adhesive on the glass or gasket.

Waterproof attention_3_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not wear the watch while taking a bath or a sauna.

Steam, soap or some components of a hot spring may accelerate the deterioration of water resistant performance of the watch.

caution_b WARNING

Waterproof warning (blue)

Do not use the watch in scuba diving or saturation diving.

The various tightened inspections under simulated harsh environment, which are usually required for watches designed for scuba diving or saturation diving, have not been conducted. For diving, use watches specifically designed for diving.

caution_b CAUTION

Waterproof attention_4_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not pour running water directly from faucet.

The water pressure of tap water from a faucet is high enough to degrade the water resistant performance of a water resistant watch for everyday life.