> INTRODUCTION -About mechanical watch-

INTRODUCTION -About mechanical watch-

Thank you very much for purchasing the Grand Seiko mechanical watch.


Take hold of your watch softly.

Hear the watch ticking, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, soft and faint, a dignified sound can be heard.


The sound can be called the crystal of the craftsmen’s spirit and skill.

Handpicked parts assembled one by one, carefully, with craftsmanship, giving life to a mechanical watch. This is proven by the sound.


Talking about accuracy, mechanical watches cannot be compared to quartz watches, that is for certain.

However, the accuracy of a mechanical watch is pursued by human hands.

Full of spirit and know-how of craftsmen.


A mechanical watch - complicated, sensitive, and having a human touch. We would like to let all of you know the charm of a mechanical watch, which has no bounds. So we made this handbook, mainly detailing the accuracy.

Wishing you will have a nice time with your Grand Seiko for a long, long time.