Grand Seiko 9F Quartz

Ultimate accuracy. Perfect legibility. Life long reliability. Quartz caliber 9F takes Grand Seiko still further ahead.

Since the introduction of the world's first quartz watch in 1969, SEIKO has constantly led the world in quartz innovation. Caliber 9F is the leading edge of SEIKO's quartz innovation and might just be the best quartz watch ever built.

1. Twin pulse control motor

At first glance, Caliber 9F looks like a mechanical watch, because the hands extend right to the edge of the dial, something that is not possible in a normal quartz watch.
Caliber 9F has greater torque and therefore can use longer hands, thanks to a twin pulse motor that delivers more power, while still delivering a three year battery life.

2. Backlash auto-adjust mechanism

Caliber 9F is not just extremely accurate, it presents time extremely accurately. Unlike every normal quartz watch, the second hand in Caliber 9F stops exactly on the second marker and without any vibration of the hand. This is achieved by the addition of a regulatory wheel that automatically adjusts the backlash between the gears.
It is a pleasing irony that the most accurate quartz watch in the world uses a device from the world of high-grade mechanical watchmaking to ensure the precise motion of the second hand!

3. Instant Calendar Change Mechanism

In most watches, the date change is gradual and takes several hours to complete. This imprecision was not good enough for the Caliber 9F design team, so they added a spring lever mechanism which causes the date to change instantaneously; it takes just 1 / 2,000th of a second!

4. Super sealed cabin

The rotor and gear train of caliber 9F are tightly sealed in a self-contained cabin. This guarantees the long lasting quality and precision of the movement by preventing dust entering when the case back is opened for battery replacement.
This 'super sealed' cabin also increases the life of the lubricating oils that ensure the smooth operation of the gear train. Theoretically, additional lubrication is not needed for fifty years.

5. Three independent axes

The hour hand moves 24 times a day, the minute hand moves 1,440 times a day and the second hand 86,400 times. To ensure that the absolute precision of each of these 87,864 movements is not compromised by any interference of one hand by another, each axis of the three hands is separate and independent.
Thanks to this mechanism, all the hands move smoothly and precisely.

6. Three month aging process

Three month aging process

Each quartz oscillator vibrates 32,768 times a second, but this frequency may be affected by environmental change. As stable oscillation is the key to the accuracy of a quartz watch, each quartz crystal for Grand Seiko is chosen and tested individually. Only after a three month long aging process does a crystal achieve the Grand Seiko standard.

7. Temperature sensitive

Three month aging process

The stable and accurate performance of a quartz oscillator is affected by changes in ambient temperature. To ensure the accuracy of one second a day required by the Grand Seiko standard, Quartz caliber 9F automatically detects temperature variations 540 times a day and compensates for these variations so as to maintain accuracy.

8. Fine adjustment

8. Fine adjustment for quartz movement

In a mechanical watch, accuracy can be manually adjusted, but no normal quartz watch has such a mechanism. The Grand Seiko quartz caliber 9F has a “Pacing Switch” for fine adjustment. This allows high accuracy to be maintained even if, for example, the watch is worn in extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.