This is Grand Seiko

The movement, manufacture, history, and design behind Grand Seiko.


The three movements at the heart of Grand Seiko
One of the world's foremost mechanical movements, the culmination of high-precision micro-engineering and the attention to detail of Seiko's expert watchmakers.

The ultimate quartz movement. Caliber 9F incorporates several unique technologies that rise the performance of quartz to the high standards of Grand Seiko.

Spring Drive is a unique movement that delivers one second a day precision, using just the power of a mainspring.
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The expert craftsmanship at the heart of Grand Seiko

Customers enjoy a wide breadth of servicing options by experienced craftsmen specializing in after sales support, ranging from general maintenance to parts management and exterior servicing.



Honoring our origins, embracing our future

December 18, 1960: Grand Seiko is born. With 'Grand Seiko' inscribed under the 12 o'clock position, a new era pursuing the pinnacle of watchmaking begins



Quality, mastered

Designed with a depth and sophistication that captures the essence of a watch



Grand Seiko – The Philosophy of Time

Grand Seiko. Perpetuating the craft and soul of over 100 years of watchmaking,
and encapsulating the essence of Japanese philosophy.