Grand Seiko
Hi-Beat 36000 GMT
Grand Seiko
Hi-Beat 36000 GMT

History of Hi-Beat 36000

Birth of a Seiko masterpiece

In 1968, Grand Seiko introduced Japan’s first automatic 10 beat caliber. It achieved superior accuracy, regardless of the orientation of the watch, and demonstrated stronger resistance to shock

[ 61GS ]
Japan’s first automatic high beat watch, launched in 1968

[ 45GS ]
Manual winding high-beat caliber

[ 19GS ]
World’s first high-beat caliber watch for women

[ 61GS ]
The pinnacle of Seiko’s achievements in that era

New Hi-Beat 36000

Forty years later in 2009, caliber 9S85 opened a new chapter in the history of Grand Seiko.

This new generation of high-beat watches incorporated a new Spron alloy, delivering a longer power reserve and superior durability. The new mainspring produced 50% more torque, meeting the requirements for 36,000 vibrations and providing a 55-hour power reserve.


The new Grand Seiko Hi-Beat caliber for 2014

Caliber 9S86: a 10 beat with GMT function

Seiko’s 10 beat caliber 9S85 achieved superb accuracy even in everyday use by enhancing resistance to external shock.
A new added value caliber 9S86 was created by incorporating a GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) function into the 9S85 Hi-Beat 36000 platform.

To display GMT, the regular hour, minute and second hands are supplemented with a fourth hand that points to 24-hour marks around the dial, enabling time in different time zones to be displayed on the same watch.

The second hand continues to sweep the dial even when the crown is pulled to adjust the hour hand to a different time zone, so there is no interruption to the accuracy of the high beat caliber.

For international travelers, the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT offers practical and easy-to-use dual time operation as well as the precision, legibility and beauty that are the hallmarks of every Grand Seiko watch.

Traditional watchmaking, raised to the level of art

A uniquely Seiko aesthetic

“Grand Seiko Style” is a unique design language developed exclusively for Grand Seiko. It was first established for the 44GS in 1967 and has been the embodiment of Grand Seiko’s design philosophy ever since.
While design elements may be reinterpreted from time to time, the core principles of the Grand Seiko Style remain. Every Grand Seiko should be as precise, durable and legible as possible.

Grand Seiko Design

The Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Limited Edition

The leading creation for 2014 is the Hi-Beat 36000 GMT Limited Edition, designed especially to celebrate the launch of the new caliber.

Through the sapphire case-back glitters a specially designed titanium oscillating weight. The upper part of the oscillating weight is treated with an anodic oxidation* of the titanium to deliver a special gold tone. Titanium is used for its high elasticity and vibration absorbency, which reduces distortion of the oscillating weight and impact on the weight bearings.

* Anodic oxidation treatment
This is a surface treatment in which materials are subjected to electrolysis to artificially generate oxide film. Titanium oxide film produces color according to the light infraction index, enabling production of different colors by varying the thickness of the oxide film.

The oscillating weight is made of titanium and tungsten, to deliver higher performance and durability.

Limited Model


Specifications: SBGJ001, 003, 005

Caliber 9S86
Driving system: Automatic with manual winding mechanism
Loss/gain Mean daily rate: +5 to -3 seconds (when static)
Power reserve: Approximately 55 hours (when fully wound)
Time indication: 4 hands (24-hour, hour, minute and second)
Jewels: 37 jewels
Vibrations: 36,000 vibrations per hour (10 beats per second)
Outer diameter: 28.4mm, Thickness: 6.6mm
Stainless steel
Dual curve sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on inner surface
Screw-down crown
Screw see-through case back
Diameter: 40.0mm, Thickness: 14.0mm
Water resistance 10 Bar, Magnetic resistance 4,800 A/m (60 gauss)*
Stainless steel with three-fold clasp with push button release

Approximate recommended retail prices in Europe: 6,700 Euro (SBGJ001, 003), 7,050 Euro (SBGJ005)
Limited Edition of 600 pcs (SBGJ005)

*The Grand Seiko mechanical watch conforms to the magnetic resistance standard† ISO764:2002.
† The magnetic resistance standard ISO764:2002 is the standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization, and is a magnetic resistance standard capable of withstanding a DC (direct current) magnetic field of 4800 A/m.

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