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Black Ceramic Limited Edition

Since its creation in 1960, every Grand Seiko watch has demonstrated a consistent commitment to the pure essentials of watchmaking.
Precision, legibility, comfort and durability are the attributes that have always defined Grand Seiko, and always will.

Consistency is, however, no enemy of creativity and, for 2016, Grand Seiko proudly presents a new creation that takes the essential values of Grand Seiko in a new, exciting and dramatic direction. Practicality and durability are vital attributes of all the best sports watches and are also core values of Grand Seiko, so what could be more appropriate than to fuse them together into a new Grand Seiko sports watch series? It is a daring edition of immaculately crafted timepieces uniting our heritage of distinction with a modern aesthetic. A new sports look. The traditional values of Grand Seiko.

Black Ceramic Limited Edition
Black Ceramic Limited Edition


The Black Ceramic Limited Edition was developed in collaboration with two of the great masters of contemporary Japanese photography, Daido Moriyama and Nobuyoshi Araki, who have long attained world fame and received a great resurgence of interest over the past few years. Both artists contributed some of their most iconic photographs to the edition. Breathing new life into the images, we have created a powerful and innovative design for the strap. Grand Seiko was created in 1960 which more or less coincided with the beginning of the career of the two masters. Since then both artists remain to be a driving force in photography as their original and provocative styles evolved in the decades that followed. At Grand Seiko, our tradition of innovation continues today and that’s why we can identify ourselves with their tireless attempts to create a new photographic language. The nature of watches and photographs is deeply connected to time. The collaboration between Grand Seiko and the two photographers adds a glorious page to our history.

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Nobuyoshi Araki uses both flowers and red, the color of blood as a symbol of life and for its dramatic ef-fects. His frequent though effective use of red hues – in a kimono slip, painted lips, fruit, a doll’s dress, the backdrop and especially flowers – is challenging and evocative. Flowers are often personified and play a diverse role in many cultures. They also represent a special and distinctive meaning, for example, the most well known meaning of the red rose is passion and love. People think that flowers as well as timepiec-es have their own personalities and feelings. The Black Ceramic Limited Edition is dynamic in style and vivid and energetic in character.



Araki immortalized the ever-changing moments of na-ture in his flower series. Here, the flowers are a symbol of life. Focusing on their fleeting beauty, he freezes the moments in bloom as if in an attempt to hold onto a succession of moments which cannot be recovered once lost. Being a photographer is as natural as breathing for Araki, who once said that his photographs are something more than a diary, recording dramas unfolding in a much shorter span of time. Beauty, allure, ephemerality, pure-ness, resilience, perseverance; these are all manifestations of life force.

Daido Moriyama 01

NOBUYOSHI moriyama 01 NOBUYOSHI moriyama 01

Throughout his career, Daido Moriyama has been fascinated by urban landscapes. In keeping with his philosophy that every photograph is a copy of reality, and a fake depiction of the world, Moriyama takes thousands of snapshots while wandering around the streets, pressing the shutter as effortlessly as blinking and as inexorably as the ticking of a clock. His tights series is the best of his work to date, capturing the beauty of life from an unremarked corner of the urban environment. This evocative and dramatic shot con-tains a wealth of time and narratives, representative of the concept of the avant-garde.

Daido Moriyama 02

NOBUYOSHI moriyama 02 NOBUYOSHI moriyama 02

The unforgettable shot of Misawa’s Stray Dog is one of his best known photographs. Moriyama keeps an ordinary compact camera in his jeans pocket and never misses a moment that he finds interesting. He ensures that the laws of chance and accident find their way into the final image. This is one of those images that resulted from a chance encounter. The dog seems to be a distillation of Moriyama, who is an outsider, wild and on the street, with a piercing gaze. The im-age provokes a visceral response.


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