What is time?
The never ending quest.
The passion at the heart and soul,
driving every Takumi at Grand Seiko.

There is a spirituality of time to be discovered.
Uniquely Japanese
and revered throughout history.

Celebrating the Japanese spirituality of time
brought to life with the pride and spirit of Takumi.

The spirit of Takumi
lives deep within every Grand Seiko watch.
Practiced and perfected as “the way”
the artisans pour their hearts and souls;
their entire selves in every detail of the process.

All in the pursuit of the ideal watch.
Only, their pursuit knows no end.

The Japanese have always treasured light and shadow,
unveiling nature’s many expressions.

Deliberate, sculpted lines, and mirrored surfaces,
polished to perfection.
Multi-faceted indexes,
becoming mediums of light and shadow,
revealing intricate detail
deep and within.

Meticulously crafted.
Nature incarnated in every detail of its artistry.

Committed to the strictest standards
of Grand Seiko’s philosophy of manufacture,
each and every detail is meticulously crafted in-house.

Each soul place of Grand Seiko’s manufacture is nestled in nature
for the Takumis to develop the finest materials and advanced technology.
The Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi and the Shinshu Watch Studio.

Three movements are crafted in these idyllic soul places.

Each movement unveil distinctive stories
inspired by THE NATURE OF TIME.

MOVEMENTThe three movements at the heart of Grand Seiko