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Photo by Daisuke Ohki

FLUX | we+

Time is like water. It flows constantly and yet each second is as ephemeral and as different as every ripple and wave. We see every moment differently depending on where we are and what state of mind we are in. The seasons, too, add another dimension to the way we see time, especially in Japan where each season is so different to the one that precedes it. The respect we have for the ever-changing beauty of nature and the joy we feel in being at one with the passage of time contribute importantly to the Japanese sensibility.

This Japanese sensibility and our sense of beauty, harmonized with the highest skill and precision, are all embodied in Spring Drive.

Through this new installation, in addition to an original art object, we aim to bring the unique world of Spring Drive to life.

A special liquid expresses the constant change and transience of time and its motion comes alive with light, reflecting everyone’s time perception which transforms from moment to moment. Watch parts stand in a pool of this liquid and are spotlighted, allowing the water beneath to glow and flow, spreading and eventually dissipating. Computer graphic imagery portraying the passing of time complements the gentle motion of the light, enveloping the installation space.

The art object, spread out behind the installation space, is made in the image of the micro-cosmos which Spring Drive represents. It is made of glass, is dome-shaped and is filled with a unique powder in which disassembled components of the Spring Drive movement are set. This powder harnesses light and hints of the passing of time as it glows. When you take this object in your hand, the powder glides softly like water as you move it around, softly intertwining with the watch parts.

Through this luminous journey of time, the two works allow you to experience the philosophy of Grand Seiko and the harmonization of craftsmanship and sensibility that are at the heart of the micro-cosmos of Spring Drive.


we+Design Studio

we+ is a contemporary design studio established in 2013 by Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando. Using research and experimentation, they develop new ideas and aesthetics with unique expression techniques. Their self-initiated works are represented by Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris and Spazio Rossana Orlandi in Milan. In addition to exhibiting their works internationally, they undertake commissioned projects for companies and other organisations, including installation, branding, product development, and graphic design. Utilizing the strengths of each member based on their diverse backgrounds and the knowledge gained from daily research, the studio continues to grow and diversify.

Photo by Daisuke Ohki

movement |

The smooth motion of the seconds hand takes you away from the bustle of work and into a serene world of time. Surrendering yourself to the flow of time, you feel time pass gently round, all in a matter of seconds. As the mainspring unwinds, the energy that drives the seconds hand takes you to a faraway place, releasing you from the turmoil of everyday life.

Like mist rising from the surface of the water and the sunshine shining through the clouds, the smooth flow of time portrayed by Spring Drive creates a gradual change in time perception. Computer graphic imagery illustrates this brief, inner journey.


Shingo AbeCG Director

Born in 1981, Abe studied media arts at Tohoku University of Art and Design. After graduating, he joined the visual design studio WOW and was involved in advertising as a computer graphics designer, animator and director. Thereafter, he has collaborated with many artists not only in video but also in various media including spatial presentation using image projection, interactive works, and installations, as well as film direction for fashion shows and stage presentations.