The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.5The distinct functional
beauty of Japan
that is also seen in the
of Takumi Terauchi

Function and material embrace
to create an original design

Yanagi-gori Attaché Case (Medium) upholds and evolves upon tradition. The works shown here can be purchased at the following workshop-cum-store, Takumi Kougei, operated by kiryu zaiku craftsman, Takumi Terauchi. (Online purchase is also possible.) Yanagi-gori Kori Case with Handle (Large) (H39×W54×D15cm) 275,000 yen (tax inclusive). Yanagi-gori Attaché Case (Medium) (H32×W43×D15cm) 220,000 yen (tax inclusive).
●Takumi Kougei 
Address: 99 Izushicho Uoya, Toyooka City, Hyogo Prefecture
Phone: 0796-52-3280

A modern craft
that fuses the past and today

Yanagi-gori wicker craft has been a close part of the lives of the Japanese for the past 1,200 years as an indispensable, practical storage case. In addition to the functional advantages brought about by the koriyanagi material, it is an attractive daily item because of its comfortable feel and its appearance that grows even better with use.

This attaché case is a modern evolution of yanagi-gori, but similar attempts had already been made over a century ago. A yanagi-gori travel bag with a leather band was exhibited at the Paris Exposition of 1900 and was said to have received praises from around the world. When high quality born from superb craftsmanship skills fuses with a new sense of value and a playful spirit, a traditional craft becomes a presence that emits a new appeal.

Grand Seiko Sports Collection SBGE201, the GMT model carrying Grand Seiko’s original Spring Drive movement. Exclusive to Grand Seiko Boutiques, Grand Seiko Salons, and Grand Seiko Master Shops.

A model evolving on
the classic design

Grand Seiko, which was born in 1960, established a design code called the Grand Seiko Style in 1967. This style has been carried on ever since, upheld even in rugged, functional timepieces that boasts features such as water resistance of 20Bar and GMT. The design placing the crown at the 4 o’clock position is the legacy of an outstanding watch called 62GS, and the sparkling hands and indexes achieved by a slanted cut are also standard specs.

But the SBGE201 was also the first regular model to have its hands painted with the brilliant luminous paint, Lumibrite, and to have a rotating bezel for simultaneous display of the time in three time zones. A timepiece that looks beautiful to all who behold it is created by carefully combining functionality and traditional style. This is the very attraction of Japanese watches that have captivated the world.