The Grand Seiko Vision of the Beauty of Time

Vol.5The distinct functional
beauty of Japan
that is also seen in the
of Takumi Terauchi

Functional beauty brought about
by materials,
a distinctive feature
of Japanese craftsmanship

Beautiful details are proof
of reliability

The GMT model with the red triangular hand showing the second time zone. The simple black dial gives it a sharp expression. Legibility is, of course, excellent as well.

This SBGE201, included in the Grand Seiko Sport Collection lineup, features a large case with the crown positioned to have the watch fit comfortably on the wrist and, moreover, water resistance of 20Bar so that it can accurately mark time without fail under any kind of situation. Consequently, it can support the owner by showing the precise time, no matter how active the trip may be.

But its appeal also lies in being more than tough. Considerations were given for easy confirmation of the time even in the dark environment of a plane, with details such as a broad hour hand and the use of Lumibrite, a brilliant luminous paint, which was applied in a regular model for the first time. The sapphire glass of the rotating bezel is in the image of the stratosphere, achieving a deep beauty along with its functional effect of scratch resistance.

The inherent power of
natural materials gives birth
to high functionality

Since the koriyanagi willow is thick and lustrous, it produces a weave that makes a stronger statement than baskets or other items made from rattan, another plant material. That impact is also what makes this product so appealing.

With the technology available today, various kinds of high-tech materials can be used to make products. But natural materials can be amazing in ways that outdo technology. The koriyanagi willow has excellent elasticity, so although a case made from it expands when it holds a lot of goods, it readily returns to its original shape. Moreover, since koriyanagi also has the property of swelling when it absorbs moisture, it has the interesting property of becoming more water resistant when it gets wet from rain.

While this natural willow offers high functionality, such as moth prevention and the ability to maintain the freshness of food, the owner can also enjoy how its appearance changes over time, with the color turning to a rich amber as it ages. It’s this kind of appeal that can rarely be achieved regardless of how high manufacturing technology may be. Such craftsmanship is made possible by the accumulation of people’s long years of experience.

The properties of
the material draw out
the ideal

The case is on a larger size with a diameter of 44 millimeters, but by positioning the crown at the 4 o’clock position, interference with the wrist is reduced. Because a part of the lug is polished to a mirror finish, a sharp ridge is created.

In the past few years the world of luxury watches has been trending toward using the properties of various high-tech materials to develop new designs and functions. For example, ceramic is an extremely hard material that excels in scratch resistance and can keep its lovely appearance for a very, very long time, and titanium has the advantages of being lightweight and having anti-allergic properties.

Grand Seiko SBGE201, however, uses stainless steel. This is the result of pursuing a strong, solid presence befitting a sports model, and also because stainless steel excels in processability and can be beautifully finished to a glossy shine. The perfect finish of SBGE201 with its sharp ridges and distortion-free mirrored surface is the accomplishment of full utilization of the properties of stainless steel.