Chapter 9

The 44GS, from 1967 to today

The 1967 44GS was the watch that established the Grand Seiko Style, the design language that defined the attributes that all Grand Seiko watches should have and that still inspires every new creation to this day.

Centered on the idea that all Grand Seiko watches should have a “sparkle of quality”, the case of the 44GS has distortion-free flat surfaces that are only possible by combining Zaratsu polishing, sharp ridge lines and two-dimensional curves. The hour hand, minute hand and indexes are diamond-cut and multi-faceted so that they catch the light and enhance the legibility of the time.

The case sides slant sharply inwards to allow the watch to sit easily on the wrist and the crown is partially recessed into the case to deliver a comfortable fit. The final touch that ensured the fullest expression of the “sparkle of quality” was the perfect mirror finish to the bezel.

Recently revived in modern re-interpretations, featuring, of course, two 9S series movements, Calibers 9S85 and 9S86, the 44GS remains to this day the quintessential Grand Seiko design.